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Would you give up your beloved on-the-go breakfast for a convincing, meat-free substitute?

By Jacqueline Cain ·
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When Clover became the first Boston-area restaurant group to roll out the vegetarian meat substitute called Impossible Burger last year, it was not without considerable thought.

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Clover debuts its Impossible sausage breakfast sandwich at all locations this week. / Photo provided by Clover

“We’re really trying to turn meat lovers into veggie lovers,” says Clover founder Ayr Muir—meaning, Clover’s goal is to get omnivores to crave something like a carrot sandwich, not to get vegetarians to crave a beef substitute.

Impossible “beef” is lab-derived from ingredients like textured wheat protein, coconut oil, and potato protein, plus an iron-containing molecule known as “heme” that gives it medium-rare-like qualities—in other words,that makes the Impossible burger “bleed.”

“We weren’t sure where it would fit for Clover,” Ayr says. A burger isn’t something he imagines on Clover’s menu, let alone the best burger money can buy, which is always Muir’s goal with new menu items, he says. But meatballs? Meatballs, they could do.

Since launching last September,Clover’s $13 meatball pita sandwich, with marinara and Parmesan, has proven crazy popular , the company says. In the fall, a contractor who works on Clover’s new restaurants suggested Muir and team try their hand at an Impossible breakfast sandwich. After several weeks of recipe development and a couple months of testing it on the menu at the 24-hour Central Square location (should we be surprised the breakfast sandwich sold best from midnight-4 a.m.? Certainly not), the Impossible sausage, egg, and cheese is finally ready for the masses.

It hits Clover menus on Wednesday, June 6, and to celebrate, the company is giving away 500 sandwiches to early risers in Boston, Cambridge, and Burlington. The first 50 guests at 10 locations, listed below, can get a free Impossible sausage breakfast sandwich between 7-9 a.m., or until sellout.

A further constraint on the process was the goal of providing a simple formal definition for each included <class-class> relation. Those relations for which an appropriate simple definition could not be agreed upon were not included in this interim list. This includes most conspicuously relations involving analogs of the GO notion of molecular function. The relation has_agent was, however, included in light of a common understanding that the notion of agency would be involved in whatever candidate definition of function in biology is eventually accepted for use in OBO. This further constraint was chosen in light of the fact that our capacity to provide simple formal definitions - definitions which will at one and the same time be intelligible to ontology authors and curators and also able to support logic-based tools for automatic reasoning and consistency-checking - is the primary rationale for the methodology here advanced.

The two relations is_a and part_of were unproblematic candidates for inclusion in the resulting list (though providing simple definitions even for these relations was not, as we shall see, a simple matter). Is_a and part_of have established themselves as foundational to current ontologies. They have a central role in almost all domain ontologies, including the Foundational Model of Anatomy (FMA) [ 19 , Spaghettistrap vest top Peter Hahn white Peter Hahn Outlet Buy M39PBSpvaj
], GO and other ontologies in OBO, as well as in influential top-level ontologies such as DOLCE [ 21 ] and in digitalized lexical resources such as WordNet [ 22 ].

In preparing our sample lists we drew on representatives not only of the OBO consortium but also of GALEN and the FMA (itself a candidate for inclusion in OBO). Our temporal relations draw on existing OBO practice (where transformation_of is a generalization of the develops_from relation used in OBO's cell and anatomy ontologies) and our participation relations draw on current work addressing the need to provide relations that link entities in different ontologies (for example entities in GO's process, function and component ontologies) and on an evolving Physiology Reference Ontology that is being developed in conjunction with the FMA [ 23 ], from which our spatial relations were extracted.

Table 1

First version of the OBO Relation Ontology

It is commonly assumed in the literature of knowledge representation that the relation is_a (meaning 'is a subtype of') can be identified with the subset or set inclusion relation with which we are familiar from mathematical set theory [ 17 ]. Instance_of functions on this reading as a counterpart of the usual set-theoretic membership relation, yielding a definition of A is_a B along the lines of: for all x , if x instance_of A , then x instance_of B . Unfortunately, this reading provides at best a necessary condition for the truth of A is_a B . It falls short of providing a sufficient condition for two reasons. The first is because it admits cases of contingent inclusion such as: bacterium in 90 mm × 18 mm glass Petri dish is_a bacterium , and the second is because it fails to take account of time, so that when applied to classes of continuants it yields false positives such as adult is_a child (because every instance of adult was at some time an instance of child ).

By the late 20th century Luxembourg had become an important international financial centre, and in the early 21st century it remained home to scores of banks, most of which were foreign-owned. Those banks operated in a climate of general secrecy permitted by the country’s banking laws, which had come under criticism from some other countries. Luxembourg owes its prominent position in the world of finance to a number of other factors, perhaps chief of which is the government’s own farsighted policies. In 1929 the government began to encourage the registering in Luxembourg of holding companies; those large corporations can control a number of subsidiary companies but are heavily taxed in many countries of the world. The liberal tax climate produced by the new policy led many industrial and financial corporations to maintain offices, often as their European headquarters, in Luxembourg city.

European Court of Justice

Luxembourg city is also one of the capitals of the European Union (EU) and, as such, is home to the European Court of Justice ; the European Investment Bank, which enjoys decision-making independence within the EU’s institutional system; and several major EU administrative offices. Most of the grand duchy’s merchandise trade takes place with EU countries, especially with its three neighbours—Germany, Belgium, and France, which together receive more than half of Luxembourg’s exports and provide some three-quarters of its imports.

Luxembourg: Major import sources
Luxembourg: Major export destinations

Luxembourg’s internal road system is not extensive but is well maintained, and several highways link the country with its neighbours. A port at Mertert on the canalized Moselle River connects the grand duchy with the Very Cheap For Sale Discount Release Dates All Over Logo Trunks S Sales Up to 50 Tommy Hilfiger Multi Coloured Free Shipping With Credit Card v5TxPeO
waterway system and provides it with an avenue for the international movement of goods. The government has operated the nation’s railroads since World War II . They are modern, electrified, and mostly double-tracked. A major portion of international transportation to and from Luxembourg is by train, and the country is connected with its neighbours by a large number of lines. Findel Airport outside Luxembourg city has become a major European TROUSERS Casual trousers Isabel Marant Many Kinds Of Cheap Online 8uZKYh
served by the lines of many countries. Luxair is the national airline .

Luxembourg’s advanced telecommunications system provides it with close links both to EU countries and to other financial partners around the world, including Boatneck Boyfriend Tee Iron Mountain by VIDA VIDA Sale Many Kinds Of Fake For Sale Wholesale Price 4b2ARi
and the United States . The government operates the postal service in Luxembourg. RTL (Radio-Television-Luxembourg) Group SA, a privately owned broadcasting company that has radio and television outlets in a number of European countries, is also a satellite operator with a plethora of channels that reach as far as Great Britain and Scandinavia. RTL is arguably Europe’s most important private radio and television broadcaster.

In the absence of these voices, the island’s ecosystem is at the mercy of negligence, outrages and silence.

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Posted on by Yoani-Sánchez

The majority of Cubans are tied to a daily cycle of survival (14ymedio)

14ymedio, Generation Y, Yoani Sanchez, 17 April 2018 — My mother was born under the Castro regime, I was born under the Castro regime and my son was born under the Castro regime.At least three generations of Cubans have lived only under the leadership of two men with the same surname.That uniformity is about to be broken on April 19 when the name of the new president will be publicly announced.Whether he maintains the status quo or looks to reform it, his arrival to power marks a historical fact: the end of the Castro era on this Island.

Despite the closeness of this day, without precedent in the last half century, in the streets of Havana expectations are extremely low. In a country on the cusp of experiencing a transcendental change in its Nomenklatura that could begin in couple of days.

At least three reasons feed this indifference. The first is the regrettable economic situation that keeps the majority of people tied to a daily cycle of survival, one in which political speculations or predictions of a different tomorrow are tasks relegated to other emergencies, like putting food on the table, traveling to and from work, or planning to escape to other latitudes.

The second reasons for so much apathy has to do with the pessimism that springs from a belief that nothing will change with a new face in the official photos, because the current gerontocracy will remain in control through a docile and well-controlled puppet. Meanwhile, the third force engendering so much ennui is knowing no other scenario, of having no references that allow on to imagine that there is life after the so-called Historic Generation.

This feeling of fatality, that everything will continue as it is now, is the direct result of six decades of, first, Fidel Castro, and later Raul Castro, controlling the Island with no other person to cast shadows or question their authority at the highest rung of the government. By remaining at the helm of the national ship, by their force in crushing the opposition and eliminating other charismatic leaders, both brothers have shown themselves, throughout this entire time, to be an indispensable and permanent part of our national history.

More than 70% of Cubans were born after that January in 1959 when a group of barbudos – bearded men – entered Havana, armed and smiling. Shortly after that moment, school textbooks, all the media of the press and government propaganda presented the “revolutionaries” dressed in olive green as the fathers of the nation, the messiahs who had saved the country and redeemed the people. They spread the idea that Cuba is identified with the Communist Party, the official ideology of a man named Castro.

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